Michael Kors Backpack

Michael Kors designs the perfect fashion accessories for women and backpacks are the highlight of the show. These backpacks are worth the price tag as the design and function of these lovely fashion accessories is top notch.

If you are a Michael Kors fan, you know backpacks designed by Kors go with almost anything. The leather backpacks come in different colors that allow you to try them on with various outfits and other backpacks can also go with casual as well as formal wear.

They provide awesome function as well! It’s not just about the fashion of these lovely backpacks. There are various pockets in which you can put your daily use items. Here are a few lovely Michael Kors Backpacks:

  1. Rhea Large Backpack:

This leather backpack is laidback but still luxurious. It redefines accessorizing in a big city and is a lovely addition to your backpack collection.

  1. Rhea Studded Leather Backpack:

With a gold tone hardware and 100% studded leather, this is one of the top quality backpacks in Michael Kors lineup. The signature Michael Kors touch ups are clearly visible.

  1. Rhea Slim Backpack:

This is one of those backpacks that come in a sleek and slimmer silhouette. There are multiple zipper pockets which can carry wallet, laptop and many more things.

  1. Harrison Cross-Grain Leather Backpack:

This bag is unisex and many guys love the quality, quantity and design of this lovely backpack. Michael Kors really outdid himself in this design.

So go ahead and buy a Michael Kors backpack today!

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